Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coaster Inspiration

Another SNOW DAY here in Indiana. I was determined not to spend my whole free day reading blogs, bookmarking, making notes of supplies to buy, etc... I LOVE all the great ideas people share but believe me when I say I already have an ABUNDANCE of supplies so I really need to DO SOMETHING!
Anyway, today I am sharing a very, very simple idea with you. Hang with me...this is my first time trying this.

I've had this box of coasters for a while (a long while)
and today I decided to take them out of the box
and put SOMETHING in the little picture slot.

I used the fake photo in the coaster as my template, cut scrap cardstock, and added a laser cut letter sticker.
First I did the letter D for our last name.

Then I decided it would be nice to spell a word.

The possibilities are endless. It is quick, easy, and makes a nice set when done.

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