Friday, July 31, 2009

A Few Fun Finds

Friday means garage sales for my schedule. I had zeroed in on two from our local paper that listed costume jewelry. Disappointed when the first seller decided to wait for tomorrow to open. argh! Off to sale number two. I had been to this location before so I knew the seller was usually not prepared and that was the case today. She was still unloading boxes and making up prices but she did have a few beaded necklaces out. I snagged the only one that truly was vintage. Hurray! I also found a box of old books and unpacked it myself. I limited myself to four nice old ones and three Little Golden Books. Must be the teacher in me....I love books!
Although the planned sales did not pan out for finding many treasures, I happened by a local school having a fund raiser type garage sale so I stopped in and got an inspiring craft book about shells and a sweet little Christmas pin signed Rona. I felt like balance was restored!

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